Our Story

After a successful kickstarter campaign we have started the production of the FJORD 36. Due to several requests for the FJORD 36 and the RCI units after the Kickstarter campaign ended we have made the backpack available on Indiegogo in demand for then next 30 days. Anyone who has not gotten a bag and wants to, will be able to purchase the FJORD 36 at a discount price. We have limited the bag availability to 20 per color and they will be shipped in February 2018, same as the Kickstarter orders.

Good gear is useful,  but great gear is a life saver. We are here to bring you confidence and peace of mind no matter how far your adventures take you. We look forward to speaking with many of you and more importantly, growing together to develop gear that is dependable, innovative, versatile. 


Designed and tested in the Nordics.