Sambhav - Nepal

A Drive for Longterm Grassroots Change in Nepal

Sambhav's mission is to achieve grassroots reforms in education, poverty, health and sanitation, empowerment of women, various youth clubs, vocational skills and training programs so as to uplift the living condition of the people of the rural communities of Nepal's Gorkha districts. Especially after the 2015 Earthquake help is needed more than ever before.



Nepal is a country of breath-taking natural beauty and a deeply spiritual social environment. But its turbulent history and political and socio-economic instability has left a significant portion of the population below the poverty line. 

From school renovations to establishing health posts, Sambhav addresses the most pressing needs of the society. With most charitable organizations focusing on the well known regions such as Everest - Sambhav Nepal was conceived with the long term view of significantly improving the neglected remote communities of the Gorkha region. 


Prem K Khatry, a native of Gorkha district.

Being from the area Prem is uniquely positioned to be the leader of this non profit organization and knows all to well the reality that the local rural communities still face. Going to school as a young boy Prem knew and had faced the hardships of walking long hours every day to get to school. Even at the age of 8, he used to walk 4 hours a day, down to the local market and back up to his home. Such circumstances are still here today to a great extent, this is the everyday story of many children of the Gorkha region. 


A well-rounded approach


Bhairabi Primary School

Rebuilding and refurbishing process Bhairabi Primary School is well underway and near completion.


Covid-19 Emergency Response

Medical supplies distribution for schools and students, as well as emergency food supplies for families across Nepal. 


Rebuild Water Supply

we have rebuilt the damaged water supply system of 1 school and 4 villages. Altogether we have built 27 taps and the supporting pipes and tanks.


You Can Help Too

You can donate directly to Sambhav Nepal and if you are up for more of an adventure Prem also sets up Volunteering visits where you can be an instrumental change in some of their projects.


A Safe Place to Learn

Bhawani Higher Secondary School's main school building and the school’s boarding house were destroyed by the earthquake. Sambhav Nepal has taken the responsibility to complete the building of the boarding house block.



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