The Amazon to Antarctica and Back Again

The Amazon to Antarctica and Back Again

June 27, 2020

Not sure if it gets more unique than travelling from the Amazon to Antarctica then heading straight back into the Amazon. Goran Jovic did just that. He is a photographer/filmmaker that is no stranger to extreme adventures. Read his experience below.  


How and why does one take a trip to Antarctica and the Amazon in the same go?

How and why, let me answer the why first, it was my dream for a long period to go to Antarctica, so I finally had the opportunity to go to fulfil my dream. As I was in Western Australia when the opportunity arose I was checking the flights from Australia to Argentina and the best option was to land to Peru before I head to Antarctica by way of Argentina. I had 2 weeks of blank space in between, what do I do ??? The Amazon is always a place that pulls me back in! So I decided to go there for 10 days to explore the wildlife and tribes of Amazon river. I guess I answered the how also :)

Describe Antarctica in a few sentences, what is the most memorable aspect of being in such a remote place?
Antarctica is a place so far beyond the ordinary, a place where all your senses reach a higher level, a place where you think deeper, there is no distraction in your mind, everything is so pure.

Your favourite shot/footage taken during Antarctica this trip?
Probably filming of the Paradise Harbour, the reflections in this peaceful bay are surreal.

Other than visiting Antarctica did you go there for another purpose?
Yes, I was filming a promotional video for Rusarc company which is organising expeditions to Antarctica.

Describe the trip back from Antarctica to the Amazon?
The 5 days at the ocean was not pleasant at all, the sea was wild while passing the Drake channel. 10 meters waves made it impossible to sleep on the boat. Since I booked my return flights after I finish each expedition I was again in the same position, the best travel route was guiding me again trough Peru, so Amazonia was again a must, I landed to Lima and took the first flight to Iquitos, and there with the boat I went deep in the Amazon.

What was the most difficult part of going from one drastic climate to another?
Well, changing the climate from a dry +45 in Western Australia, to humid region of Amazon river and then to cold Antarctica...It was challenging for my gear, I managed to adopt quickly, but the camera gear had some trouble, so having a great backpack is must for protection.

Judging from your other trips when you say you are going to the Amazon - you really go INTO the amazon..... how deep did you go?
Indeed deep, I spent a few days there with the tribes and all the wildlife in this region. I felt like I am inside of the Jungle Book movie. The sounds, the colors, the mystery of  the Amazon, it's hard to describe the diversity of this green world. So the starting point to get inside the Amazon world is Iquitos which is the biggest city in the world which can not be reached by land, only by air or river. From there you take a boat to go inside this magical green world.

How does an aspiring adventure photographer even start planning to go to such a place like the Amazon? 
To be honest, this time it was not planned. I was in the Amazon twice before so my comfort level is very high here. I went to Iquitos and I bought some necessities like rain covers, flashlight and general survival kits.

Did you see any signs of deforestation? 
Yes, already in 2012 during my first visit in the Ecuadorian part of Amazonia I was shocked. It's a huge problem especially because of agriculture in that region. There seems to be no slowing down unfortunately. 
What is the craziest thing to happen to you during this whole trip?
Facing an anaconda from close distance, she was BIG !!!

What gear did you take with you?
My filming gear, 2 cameras with Sigma lenses packed in my Fjord 60-C backpack.

Tell us how you managed to destroy your Fjord 60-C.
Well my Fjord 60-C was already took a nice beating since it was with me for a few months straight in extreme expeditions. I was climbing on Franz Joseph glacier with the 60-C, then I travelled trough whole West Australia, then from Amazonia to Antarctica and back to was a mess but still in one piece, but on the last day in Iquitos i was on a motorcycle and the chain jammed the backpack string, so you can imagine what happened at full speed, but the most important thing ...the gear was safe inside.

What's next?
Next ? It's time for Asia...Vietnam !

Check out Goran's Amazing footage below:

We Will Not Go from Goran Jovic on Vimeo.


Rusarc - Antarctica from Goran Jovic on Vimeo.


A big thank you to Goran for the entertaining insight. If you want to see more of Goran's travels - please check out it his instagram page.

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