RCI-XL & XS: On the forefront of usability

RCI-XL & XS: On the forefront of usability

May 15, 2024

Offering a new level of convenience and quick access possibilities for photographers and videographers with the brand new RCI-XL and RCI-XS removable camera inserts.

RCI-XL: Nine months in the making

We at NYA-EVO spent 9 months developing the RCI XL in order make it fit and function perfectly with the Fjord 60-C.  Together with a few wildlife photographers and a number of prototypes later the XL is contoured to the Fjord perfectly. The RCI-XL has more depth that the other NYA-EVO RCI units to fit large diameter lenses. We have managed to accommodate up to the Canon 600 f4 lens with the body attached. This means a 600mm tele lens attached to your body can be stored inside the Fjord 60-C at its *non expanded* state - which makes the set up carry-on compatible at 44L. The roll top of the backpack is still there to be used if needed. 

Perfect fit

The upper section of the RCI-XL has been perfectly shaped to match the Fjord 60-C upper pattern in order to get a meticulous fit. When the upper section of the RCI-XL can be left unzipped and as the Fjord 60-C is opened the XL will mimic the upper part of the Fjord 60-C backpack and will open together. Offering you direct and clear access to your camera with the super telephoto lens attached through the main zipper.  The RCI-XL is also a fantastic carry option for videographers and can hold gear such as the RED Digital Camera Cinema cameras and lenses. 

This was no small feat and we are proud to offer such a versatile solution. 


RCI-XS: Hello Versatility  

One of the the most versatile products NYA-EVO has designed, the RCI-XS is a do-it-all camera box that can be used in a multitude of ways.

Place it perfectly in the Fjord 36, the Fjord 60-C, the upcomming Fjord 50-C, or use it on its own as an auxiliary camera carry bag when paired with a shoulder strap. What makes the RCI-XS so adaptable is that unlike our other RCI units the XS has a top opening lid. This adjustment in design will allow you top access from the backpacks. Place the RCI-XS facing up on top of the RCI-M in the Fjord 36 or on top of a RCI-L inside the Fjord 60-C and Fjord 50-C to enable top access. *The RCI-XS can be placed inside the roll top pocket of the Fjord 60-C with the RCI-XL inside. 


Side access in the Fjord 50-C

By developing the RCI-XS we have unlocked the possibility of side access in the Fjord 50-C. By swinging the backpack over one shoulder and unzipping the side compartment you will be able to access your gear housed in the RCI-XS. 

Place 2 RCI-XS vertically in the backpack. One in the back of the backpack facing out (access through the back compartment) and one inside the side access zipper facing out towards the side access.  The two vertical RCI-XS fill the space perfectly and hold each other in place. 



Three RCI-XS 

Get super versatile by placing 3 RCI-XS units in the Fjord 50-C.  2 can either be placed vertically in the back, or 1 in the back and 1 for side access then place the 3rd inside the roll top facing up. This can also work with the Fjord 60-C. 




Also available with the RCI-XS shoulder strap with anodised aluminium clips that attach to the D-rings of the RCI-XS. The units can also be stacked on each other for a more compartmentalised gear storage option. 

A do-it-all camera box that transforms to exactly what you need.


Check out the new products - now available on the site. 

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