NYA-EVO Assistant 1.5 pouch launches

NYA-EVO Assistant 1.5 pouch launches

August 22, 2023

At NYA-EVO we try to keep a tight group of products that all can work together. Our product line-up is concise and we want to keep building our ecosystem so that every new product can interact and work with what we already have. The Assistant 1.5 pouch does just that, integrates perfectly with the Fjord backpacks and can be used on its own as well. 

Our U.S NYA-EVO ambassador Hudson Henry saw the need for the addition of a versatile pouch that can be applied to our backpack lineup and we together came up with this useful addition the the Fjord packs. 

A handy accessory made with same ECONYL fabric as the backpacks it dons the trademark aluminium zip puller, NYA-EVO 'Y' logo, along with the YKK aquaguard zippers for maximum weather protection. Along with the main compartment the 1.5 Assistant pouch also features a stretch fabric zip pocket on the back side and a mesh zip pocket on the front side. Filters, sd cards, batteries, snacks and anything else you need to be close at hand can be placed in the pouch.

The backside is constructed with molle webbing so it can be firmly attached to the waist belts of our Fjord 36 and Fjord 60-C backpacks. The Fjord 36's waist belt has the molle webbing on one side meaning one assistant pouch can attach and the Fjord 60-C has molle webbing on both sides of the waist belts- therefore two assistant pouches can be attached there.



Furthermore, the pouch can also be attached to a belt or belt loops, and can also simply be thrown in your pack without attaching it. Lastly, The Assistant 1.5 can be paired with our shoulder strap to make a perfect body pouch that is convenient for travelling or moving around busy cities.



Priced at $29.99usd per pc,  $49.99usd for the pair or one assistant pouch with the shoulder strap for $44.99. These are a great addition to your NYA-EVO system and are made with the quality that you have come to expect from NYA-EVO.

Available now!





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