May 29, 2023

Vieri Bottazzini is an Italian Fine Art landscape photographer and educator, with a personal style rooted in pure photographic craftsmanship. Vieri believes in celebrating the majestic power of our planet’s beauty, together with his passion for the outdoors, by creating his iconic images using unadulterated photography only. Through his unique black & white images, his medium of choice, sided by subtly post-processed colour images when the need arises, Vieri tells stories about nature and mankind, exploring the concepts of time and of the surreal. Vieri’s Fine Art work has been viewed millions of times on social media and featured on leading publications such as Medium Format Magazine, LEMAG, Elements-Landscape Photography Magazine, and more. 

With 30 years of teaching experience on his back, Vieri believes in fully sharing his knowledge and his art with his Alumni during his unique, limited attendance 3-people Workshops in places like Iceland, The Faroe Islands, Scotland, England, the Southwest USA, Italy, France and Spain.

Vieri’s diverse and vast Portfolio is the culmination of over a decade of passion, love and craftsmanship, of months spent on the road every year, of hundreds of kilometres of hikes and most of all, of a lifetime’s devotion to the arts. Most importantly, through his work and tutoring, Vieri aims to inspire people to embrace their inner artist and find their own path to self-expression.




1. A  bit about you and how you fell in love with photography


I have been photographing all my life, I started when I was a kid “borrowing” my mum’s Nikon F and never stopped since. In the early 2000s I got serious about it, and in 2005 I started working professionally as a photographer, shooting people. For the first half of my life, I trained and worked as a classical musician, so when I started photographing professionally I started working with musicians, actors, artists in my circle.

More, I always loved street photography, and since back then I was living in Istanbul - which is a street photographer’s paradise - I did a lot of street work, which got me exhibited internationally as well. I did all this for 5 years, until in 2010 my wife and I needed to recharge our batteries: we were working with people all day, and we were living in a 15 million people metropolis, so we decided to go somewhere as far from people as possible.

We took a month off and in July 2010 we went to the Southwest USA, which in retrospect wasn’t the best time - it’s so hot over there in summer! - but nevertheless, I fell in love with landscape photography and it was right there and then that I decided I wanted to do landscape photography only, for the rest of my life.

What was the moment you realized teaching and leading others around the world on workshop photography trips was for you?

Pretty much immediately. I always loved teaching, and I have been teaching non-stop since 1992, so when I decided to dedicate my life to landscape photography, I immediately started thinking about putting the photography and the teaching together. That was 2010. It took me 5 years to develop a portfolio of images and a portfolio of locations large enough to start a business. In 2015, I was ready and, together with my wife who I am fortunate enough to always have on my side, we started Vieri Bottazzini Workshops. In these first 8 years (including Covid) we did 80 Workshops already!

3. What advice do you have for photographers that would like to get into this realm of photography? 

You gotta love it, first and foremost. After so many years, I am still here and still doing it only because of the love for Fine Art photography, for the love of art, for the love of landscape and for the love of our amazing planet.

4. In your experience what is the single most difficult aspect of running this type of business?

I’d say it’s the consistency needed to keep quality, to always be at the top of your game. Pretty much everyone can take one great shot in a lifetime, many people can take a few great shots, but very very few people can consistently create great work, every time they go out there, for decades. Always being able to find inspiration, everywhere and with every weather, and always keeping focussed on the task at hand takes more than most people think.

How do you select the locations and which one has so far been the most awe inspiring?

Selecting locations is incredibly fun! We love to travel and explore, and when I am out there I try and approach every location as if I hadn’t seen it before, either in person or on someone else’s photographs. This way, I can let the locations inspire me, and this way I can find and create images that most people don’t even see.
As far as the most awe inspiring place, there are so many, for different reasons! I’d definitely say Iceland, The Faroe Islands and the Southwest USA, but then again Scotland is amazing, the Northern Coast of Spain has some of the most incredible seascapes ever, so does Cornwall and Normandy & Brittany… and then there is Italy, my homeland, which I deeply love! In short, I would be hard pressed to choose one above the rest.

6. Tell us a bit about your philosophy of limiting the number of attendees to 3 persons.

When we started running Workshops, we limited our groups to 6 people, which is already very small compared to most Workshops. However, after a couple of trips, I decided that 6 was too large: to offer my Alumni the kind of attention they deserve, I decided to reduce the group’s size even more. So, we decided to take it down to three people, and to offer a superior level of service, both for the photographic and for all other aspects of the trip.

7. Your favorite shot ever taken?

I should say the next :) Having been active for a long time, I have a few I like, which you can find here accompanying this piece.


8. What gear do you use and what is your favourite lens for landscape photography?

Currently, and since 2020, I am using Phase One digital backs, which I paired with different cameras over the years: first, my main camera was the Phase One XT; then, starting early 2022, I moved to the Arca-Swiss Rm3di, and currently, starting in May 2023, my main camera is the Alpa STC.

I love wide-angle lenses in general, which I use for most of my work. My favourite lens is definitely the Rodenstock 23mm HR Digaron-S, currently in Alpa mount where it’s called the Rodenstock / ALPA HR Alpagon 5.6/23mm. It’s an amazing lens, and one that enables me to bring my vision to life like no other.


9. Your thoughts on the NYA-EVO backpack and how it has integrated with your travels and workflow.

As many photographers, over the years I tried many different bags; while many were good, none was ever perfect. Finally, in late 2022, I found Nya-Evo: the concept on paper seemed great, so I went and ordered a Fjord 60-C ECONYL for myself, and a 36 ECONYL for my wife.

When we got the bags, the first thing that we noticed was how well-built they were. Then, I filled my Fjord 60-C ECONYL with all my gear, and loved the flexibility and organisation of the inner space. But, the true “wow” moment came when, after filling it with all my gear, I wore the bag: it was a revelation! The Nya-Evo was, by far, the most comfortable bag I ever used. My gear is fairly heavy, although not super-heavy, but when the bag is on my back I barely feel any weight.

For me personally, my bag is like my office, when I am out in the field. It must bring all I need to wherever I need to be, do that in an organised way, while keeping my gear safe and my back rested. We are on the road for months on end, and when we are around we hike, we walk, we scramble, we work in harsh conditions, under rain, snow, in the sand - you name it. Durability and comfort are the most important things for me, and Nya-Evo delivers them like no other bag!


10. What is next up in your plans?

In the second half of 2023, my wife and I will take off for a personal trip that I have been looking forward to for years: we will spend 4 months just working on my photography, no Workshops, and we will be going to Australia, New Zealand, Easter Island and the Oregon Coast. It’s a dream trip for me, and I hope to come back with some good images! 


To see more of Vieri work please check out her instagram and website.



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