After the Storm

After the Storm

September 20, 2019

This is a story of life and its often unexpected twists and turns but more importantly this is the story of resilience. Meet Petter Nyqvist, a father, a fighter, a nature lover and an inspiration. 

A film by Lowe Anderson

Nature Heals by Petter Nyqvist

Everyone struggles with life at some point. It doesn’t always pan out the way you plan. You hit speed bumps, and zig-zag your way towards a goal which you hope to eventually reach.. Or, things happen to you which simply make you feel as if a curtain is pulled down and your life is hopeless. All of us have our own ways of dealing with these kinds of situations and challenges. 

For me, learning that my daughter had leukemia was the one thing that pulled the curtain down, hard. And to make matters even worse, my dad died and I got divorced all during this same period. Needless to say, I was in a dark place.

But as for most of us, the will to live is strong, and so it was for me too. I needed to get through it all somehow, and without even thinking about it, I turned to the one comfort I’ve always known; Nature. Being in nature has always had some sort of healing effect on me, and I needed that now more than ever before. So I did the things I love to do in nature. I grabbed my snowboard and went cruising on a silent mountain which didn’t care what my troubles were. It just stood there, let me be a part of it and helped me bring me peace and happiness out once again.


I went back to find nature it was there waiting for me. I brought my crashpad and went out into the dark woods, I climbed some boulders, and I raced my mountain bike down a winding forest trail. Nature was all around me, yet silent. And I think that’s why I love being there so much; the fact that nature is balanced, it's just there existing, a support system for human life.  In nature I found my inner peace and if you need to find yours, go to nature. It is ready to heal you, always. 



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