Lowe Andersson of No Budget Productions and Brand Ambassador for NYA-EVO carrying his broken board. Photo by Patrik Lofgren.

Filmmaker Lowe Andersson of No Budget Productions joins NYA-EVO as Brand Ambassador.

January 29, 2018

Lowe Andersson has been with NYA-EVO from the very start back in early 2017. I was looking for a product tester here in Sweden who could give the first prototype a really good trashing. After a quick search online and reaching out on Facebook, I found the perfect guy! Lowe Andersson of No Budget Productions, filmmaker and editor from Sundsvall Sweden who loves the great outdoors and snowboarding. On top of that, it turned out that he was looking for a new camera backpack that was able to carry his snowboard and all his camera gear so here I was with my question; would you like to test my new design and first prototype?! 

Lowe Andersson. Photo by Emma Lennholm.

First question: where does the name of your company No Budget Productions come from? 

No Budget Productions was born back in the day when a couple of friends and myself decided to make a snowboard movie. We didn't have any money to make movies and when our first film was ready to be launched, we decided to call it No Budget. After that we called ourselves No Budget Productions.

Lowe Andersson and Enni Rukajarvi in action. Photo by Carl Ostberg.

Lowe Andersson and Enni Rukajärvi in action. Photo by Carl Ostberg.

You are based in Sundsvall which is in the center of Sweden. Were you born there or is there a reason why you settled there?

I was born in the south of Sweden but did my high school up in the north in a small town called Vännäs. After I finished high school, I decided to stay up north where the snow was and settled in Sundsvall. 

Sundsvall is an amazing place to live. Surrounded by beautiful nature, we have two mountains in town plus some really good street snowboarding. And on top of that, it is only three hours drive to the 'real' mountains so I am loving it here.

How did you get into snowboarding? 

I started to ride pretty late when I was fourteen but have been skating since I was seven. My older brother was into snowboarding and one day he pushed me to try it out. After that day, I was hooked for life!

 Lowe foot plant. Photo by Emma Lennholm.

Lowe Andersson dishing out a foot plant. Photo by Emma Lennholm.

How did you decide or found out you wanted to be a filmmaker?

I hurt one of my knees back in 2006 and was forced to take one year off snowboarding. Because I did't want to miss out, I bought a video camera so I could join my friends out on the slopes and realized that it was a lot of fun to film. Initially, I was not planning to make a living out of it. That part just came naturally.

 Lowe Aand Theo in action. Photo Hampus Hjellstrom.

Lowe And Theo in action. Photo Hampus Hjellstrom.

What is the most challenging aspect of being a filmmaker as a full-time profession?

It is hard to get a good balance between work and family. Sometimes I work a lot.

What inspires you? 

Seeing what other film makers do. Looking at their work gives me a lot of drive to push myself up and to the next level.

What is your goal in life? Where do you see yourself in 20 years?


How would you describe yourself in one word?


Lowe in Oslo. Photo by Pierre Bohman.

Lowe in Oslo. Photo by Pierre Bohman.

What's next, which projects are you currently working on? 

At the moment I am finishing up a documentary about Kai Gullmar that I have been working on together with Jörgen Bodesand and Lena Sjödin. When that is completed, I am going to start traveling again with Vimana Snowboards for their new project.

Well Lowe, thanks for your time! Wish you good luck with your projects and we will be in touch soon for testing our next prototype! 

Do not forget to check out Lowe's latest snow reel here.

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Thomas Iversen and Lowe in action. Photo by Patrik Lofgren.

Thomas Iversen and Lowe in action. Photo by Patrik Lofgren.

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