Giulio Mosca x NYA-EVO

Giulio Mosca x NYA-EVO

February 21, 2019

The distinctly creative Giulio Mosca recently got a hold of our Fjord 36 and we told him to go nuts


Tell us a little bit about yourself.. what you do, why you do what you do, and what inspires you ?

I am a 27 years old artist from Italy. I graduated at IED (European Institute of Design) in graphic design in 2014. I have worked as graphic designer, animator and art director. I have also founded a food delivery startup partially sold at Just Eat.
Now I work as comic artist for myself and content creator for myself and many brands.

How did you get into comic drawings?

I have been drawing since I can remember! Visual arts, Illustration in particular,  are and have always been fundamental in my life. I have started my “web-comic artist” career when I was in London, working for my startup. I was very busy, my job was fulfilling but I missed something more creative in my life. So I decided to post one illustration per day, to stimulate my brain, to be more active! It started out that way.

How did your instagram blow up?

I have started my digital career on Facebook. In 2017 it was still super populated by my main audience (18-24). I started posting one content per day and it worked very nice since day one. I never had that “magic day” in which you wake up with unbelievable number of follower, my page grew pretty fast but consistency is the key.

What made you stop and take a closer look at NYA-EVO bags?

I was exploring pictures on Instagram and I have noticed your bag in one picture (it was in the snow). The design looked very curated and I didn't know the brand so I went to your website and I have discovered the engineering behind he design and, boom! It blew my mind!

How does the NYA-EVO Fjord 36 fit into your everyday life?

I am a content creator and I have a lot of gear to shoot videos when I am around, at the same time I travel a lot for my comic career (in-store, comic con, conventions) That’s why this bag is the PERFECT ally for all my needs. With the possibility to remove or change the RCI unit is very useful.

For example I can use the RCI-M for an exploration weekend and I can carry my camera, my drone, my laptop and the essential clothes. Or maybe I can attach the RCI-S If I have to spend more day in a place and I need more clothes but I still want to shoot something. Last but not least, I can attach no RCI and it became an HUGE bag for long trip and the cool thing is that I can still fold and take the RCI with me during a shooting day on my vacation and be ready. Overall this is a bag by creatives for creatives and I love it. 

What was your design inspiration for this one off bag project?

I was so exited to collaborate with NYA-EVO. I spoke with Mario and Jensen and I have understood how much they care about their brand and they products. They left me totally free to create what I wanted and I decided that exploration could be the concept behind this artwork. Exploration, creativity and, well, the cosmos is what I would love to explore and is always in my mind when I create something!

Any famous last words?

You should always should look to the future and dream, and when you get there make sure you find a new destination. Never stop!


Check out the video below:

The see more of Giulio's work please check out his instagram and be sure to follow:


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