Today we launch on Kickstarter

Today we launch on Kickstarter

October 05, 2017

Well, today is the day we launch our brand NYA-EVO. It was a long and interesting road to get to this point. The project spanned Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Hong Kong, and New Zealand and here we are - finally ready to show the world how special the FJORD 36 Action Pack is. 

Our own adventure started after I visited Jensen on the East Coast of Sweden. There we made the commitment to put out ONE adventure backpack that would eliminate the need to buy multiple packs for multiple activities and our journey began.

We must give a HUGE THANKS to all of our pros and supporters, especially to Lowe Andersson, George Guille, Seppe Smits, Kaat DM, Stan VanHule, and Simon O'Connor, who all tested the prototypes and made enormous contributions to the FJORD 36. We are grateful.

Once we knew we had something truly special we moved to the final phase of the project - making the video. That was an epic journey in itself, shooting on three continents. What a blast it has been and finally, here we are, ready to share our vision for adventure carry with the world. 

We hope you join us on this adventure pack revolution, welcome to NYA-EVO. 


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