408 Trees Planted in Peru

408 Trees Planted in Peru

March 22, 2022

NYA-EVO making a difference with Go Forest 

Since having partnered with Go Forest last year we are proud to announce the planting of 408 trees in Peru. Go Forest's mission goes further than just planting the trees and restoring the forest landscapes of the Amazon but also look to strengthen forest communities. 

Spreading sustainability is the key. Go Forest's partner farmers are part of a growing supply chain enterprise implementing strategies that improve livelihoods for families and communities. This broad program which includes training and nursing seedlings while also connecting the farmers to markets throughout the Peruvian Amazon. This helps establish robust regenerative supply chains. 

Sarah Parent, Go ForestCo-founder & Chief Ecological Officer with the NYA-EVO Fjord 60-C in Peru last year.

The 408 trees that we planted fall under two categories, reforestation and agroforestry.

Reforestation can be used to undo the effects of deforestation and improve the quality of human life by absorbing pollution and dust from the air and rebuilding natural habitats and ecosystems.

Agroforestry refers to trees that can become productive as income-generating elements in the local economy such as fruit or nut trees. These types of planted trees provide food as well as non-timber forest products for markets.  These trees are usually planted with smallholder farmers and native communities in the tropics, for the highest level of social impact.

Types of planted trees for reforestation:
• Chihuahuaco (Dipteryx micrantha)
• Moena Alcanfór (Endlicheria krukovii)
• Inga (Inga edulis)
• Bobinsana (Calliandra angustifolia)

Types of planted trees for agroforestry
• Rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora)
• Cacao (Theobroma cacao)
• Açaí (Euterpe precatoria)
• Aguaje (Mauritia flexuosa)
• Bamboo

We are proud to be a part of Go Forest's global efforts in making a difference in sustainability and in people's lives. We look forward to planting even more trees in 2022. 

To learn more about Go Forest and their initiatives all over the world please click here.

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