RCI Generation 3 launched

RCI Generation 3 launched

May 02, 2022

We are doing our best to make NYA-EVO more sustainable


As most of our customers know our approach has always been to strive to better NYA-EVO products with each production run. Better for us not only means functional improvements and correcting nuances our customers have but also making improvements from a sustainable point of view. With the RCI (Removable Camera Inserts) Generation 3 we have done just that.  

The same top-notch usability is now made from recycled materials.  Larger velcro strips, a cool new look and more manageable dividers all made to give the customer a better experience.  They are customisable, collapsible and come in three sizes (small, medium or large), so you don’t have to compromise on packing what you need, when you need it.



  1. Consciously made with NEW 100% recycled polyester 600 denier rip-stop exterior fabric

  2. NEW all black design made with 100% recycled 150 denier rip-stop polyester inner fabric

  3. NEW long lasting inner velcro bands on each RCI unit provides the optimal connection between dividers

  4. NEW redesigned separators providing even more inner storage space


NYA-EVO's integrated removable camera inserts (RCIs) system was designed alongside the Fjord backpack from the very beginning to offer superior compatibility, convenience and function.

The RCI Units work seamlessly across the whole backpack range making sure your gear remains protected against the harshest of conditions. 



The the addition of the new materials plus the new look and feel of the RCI units we have also improved the divider offering for each unit for even more arrangement options. The RCI units now offers dividers with 8.5cm width which serve wider lenses and 7 cm when smaller items need to be organized. One divider with hinge is also offered that can encapsulate smaller items as it serves as a small lid.

To make sure that the dividers hold up the weight of heavier gear we have added an extra velcro flap at the bottom of the dividers so they not only velcro to the sides of the RCI but also the bottom of it for maximum stability. 



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