Infraland - Seeing the Unseen

Infraland - Seeing the Unseen

November 09, 2021


Paolo Pettigiani (b. 1991) is a photographer and art director based in Turin, Italy. After getting a degree in "Design and Visual Communication" at Politecnico in Turin, he started to explore the theme of 'seeing the unseen' which lead him to his trademark Infraland style in 2015. By using infrared photography: a fusion of science and creativity, a play on colors, shapes and contrasts in order to question reality as we see it Infraland was born.


Paolo uses converted camera with the full spectrum along with some external filters to capture the invisible electromagnetic radiation of the infrared light which wavelengths are reflected by chlorophyll and not visible by the human eye.  With Infraland, a photographic-artistic-social project, Paolo wants to put nature in the foreground, by emphasizing its hidden colors, which cannot be seen by the human eye.

How it Works

By removing the IR cut filter that is over the sensor and replacing it with an IR pass filter, the camera becomes sensitive to infrared light giving the possibility to produce some very distinct effects with surreal color landscapes or high contrast black and white photographs. Besides the appeal of fine art photography, infrared photography is also used in other fields including agricultural or ecological plant analysis, medical applications, forensics, greater light sensitivity for low light shooting as well as many others.

The human eye can see wavelengths from about 400nm-750nm (the classic rainbow); infrared is the light beyond 750nm. IR photography can be done with either infrared film, or a digital camera, and typically involves near infrared light from 590nm to 1200nm range. The leaves of trees contain pigments such as chlorophyll, which absorb the main part of the blue and the red range of visible light but strongly reflect the green and infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye.


Infraland has been a long term personal artistic and social project for Paolo.  this series so far is 6 years in making with images spanning across the Americas, Europe, Africa and United Arab Emirates. His works have been exhibited both in solo and group exhibitions in New York City, Paris, Milan, Turin. His work has also been featured in a variety of digital publications, including The Washington Post, Wired, La Repubblica, La Stampa, Vanity Fair, Lonely Planet, Huffington Post, Vogue.

Paolo's unique infraland photographs have caught the attention of the likes of  Adobe Lightroom - where his image is used as a splash screen, Pantone,  and Affinity Photo to name a few. 

In June 2020, during the covid-19 lockdown, Paolo received an email from Adobe asking permission to use his Braies Lake image as their new key visual for Lightroom.  His Infraland project become the official Splash Screen for Adobe Lightroom Classic 2021.

Paolo is currently working with Domestika to produce the first online course about infrared photography and will be available online on their platform at the beginning of 2022. 

NYA-EVO - My Organized Carry Solution

With the Fjord 60-C with RCI-L I can say that I have finally found a photographic backpack that fit all my needs for my long trips, hiking and photographic adventures. The backpack is lightweight and the first and most important thing I noticed was that it fits perfectly on my back and I use it for 8 hours hiking without any problems or additional issue. With the RCI-L storage I can bring with me the drone, a camera, 4 lens without problems and the other pockets are perfectly designed to fit any other tool and accessories in addiction of the laptop and the tablet. I’m not joking… this is the best ever photographic backpack in terms of storage, comfort and security! 

As photographer and snowboard instructor I’m sure the Fjord with his high weather resistance will save my gear also on extreme winters situations! Can’t wait to use it on my next adventures!

To learn more about Paolo's work please check out his website and instagram.

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