Mountain biking with the Fjord 36

Mountain biking with the Fjord 36

March 31, 2019

Photographer, mountain biker and outdoor enthusiast Bas de Meijer gives his thoughts on the FJORD 36

One can not have enough bags is my opinion. So at home I am surrounded by lots of bags. All with specific needs for photography, hiking, mountain biking or just daily usage. No bag can fulfil all tasks. Or so I thought.


For me photography and cycling are, besides my family of course, the most important things in life. Being outdoors, seeing all the beautiful things nature can offer and having fun in the woods is great. What’s better than combining creativity with activity? Still most of the times, I had to separate my photography with cycling. Taking camera gear with me on the bike was too much of a hassle. Although I have a big collections of bags, no bag fitted right to combine my two passions. When I’ve met Nya-Evo at the Photokina and they promised me that the Fjord 36 could do the job, I was a bit reluctant. Nevertheless they convinced me to give it a try. And I have fallen in love.

It’s important that while biking it has to feel as if you have no bag on your back. Especially on a mountain bike you want to be able to move around freely. Changing your position on the bike all the time to have the best balance and the center of gravity on the right place. At the same time, you want to take enough gear with you as photographer to be able to make whatever your creativity at that moments asks. It’s exactly where the Fjord 36 excels.


First of all the bag fits like a second skin. The shoulder straps look very thin, but the comfort is great. They are well formed so you have lots of room to move your arms for balancing your bike. It was one of my concerns, while biking it just felt right. It’s very easy to adjust the straps to fit it right and to divide the weight over your body. Even with over 11 kilograms of gear it just felt right. If you set the straps right, the bag stays very stable on your back. With big bumps or jumps the bag will of course move a bit, I have never experienced the bag hitting my helmet yet.

One of the reasons I was a bit reluctant if the Fjord 36 was good for mountain biking is the back panel. Is there enough air flow to keep your back not to sweaty. It turns out the Nya-Evo logo is a good form to have a decent air flow. Of course I’m sweating if I am shredding the track, but definitely not more than with specialised back bags for biking. So definitely points here for the Fjord!


Great detail is that you can store the strap ends away, so nothing is hanging loose. Since I don’t need the straps on the front of the bag, I have stored them away. Not only it makes the Fjord even look cleaner and leaner, it avoids getting stuck behind something.

The RCI’s make me be able to fit the back exactly on what I want to take with me. If it’s just one camera and two lenses, the small RCI will do and I have a very small and light back. With the large RCI I am able to take not only the camera with lenses, but also a Profoto B10 with me. Including everything else needed, like the remote and all the things you want to have with you while mountain biking anyway. A hydration system in the front pocket for instance. I have even biked with a light stand in the side pocket, secured by the straps and it stays where it should stay. I was biking with around 12 kilograms on my bag and it was great.

It’s not only the great fitting what makes the Fjord 36 the perfect bag for combining photography with mountain biking, it’s also the flexibility of the bag itself. The Fjord 36 helped me being creative. I can combine my two passions thanks to the Fjord and I find myself more and more biking with my camera in my Fjord. The only downside is that I now stop more often to take photos instead of just riding the tracks. But if that’s all, I can live with that!

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