Photokina 2018

Photokina 2018

December 02, 2018


We are a little late to post but we thought it would be fun to give you a little behind the scenes on our trip and exhibition at Photokina 2018.


Jensen is located in Sweden and I am in Hong Kong so we both flew in and met up in Germany. This was our very first exhibition anywhere with the bag so it was all hands on deck, we even enlisted the help of Jensen's parents which were total stars! Without their help the show would not have been a success.

We printed our two backdrop panels on large pieces of fabric last minute, so to make sure everything would be smooth I took the huge backdrops with me on carry-on in our new FJORD 60-C. I think the FJORD 60-C tipped the scales close to 20kg.


We had a lot going on leading up to the show, a PHASE ONE collaboration was already in the works for months and we were about to unveil that, as well as a planned kickstarter launch of our larger bag, the FJORD 60-C.


Set up:

Day 1 was set up time and trying to find our bearings. If you thought the show was complex and difficult to navigate try driving and parking on the roof of the right building. We must have driven for almost 2 hrs until we found the correct spot. 

First order of business was setting up our back wall banner which ran the whole length and and width of the metal framing. After a bit of manoeuvring around and a bunch of zip ties our walls were up. 


We had an overwhelming amount of interest and foot traffic to our booth. Part of that was the Phase One collab and the other part was the sheer suprise of a look of people. No one has heard about us and we kinda came out of no where smack in the middle of Photokina :-)

It was also lovely to meet a bunch of users that already had bought the bag and others that we were in contact with at the show. It was especially nice to see our ambassador Daniel Bernstal come down from Sweden to see us.


Other than the packs obviously the other attraction was our Belgian beers (naturally as Jensen is Belgian). We cracked open a bunch with random visitors and had nice chats along the way. 


We will be looking forward to bringing our new developments to photokina for many years to come. For any photogrpahy lover I would say a visit to Photokina is a must. A great atmosphere, loads of exhibitors and thousands of likeminded photogeaphy lovers. There is something for everyone here.







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