We weren't made to be strangers to this world, we were meant to explore it

We weren't made to be strangers to this world, we were meant to explore it

November 20, 2020

Earlier in the year we went up North to Norway to test NYA-EVO's newest product in the line up - the Fjord 26.

The second prototype of the 26 had arrived and we needed to do some real world situational testing before we move forward with a production sample. The 26, which is our smallest and most lightweight backpack is made to be rugged and agile but most importantly it must not compromise on form or function. A solid test was in order and we took off.  

We drove up from Sweden to the middle of Norway where Rondane National Park is located, booked a cabin and trekked out. The amazing thing about the cabin was that the main outer structure is still with its original wood beams when it was constructed 300 years ago, it was incredible. It was a lot of hiking, getting a bit lost, exploring and photography. It is usually good to venture out and just go with the flow without over planning and that is what we did.  



Looking back now with most of the year gone and a full blown pandemic raging we can only now think back about what a magnificent trip it was, one that is good for the soul.

We feel that people will want to connect and explore nature in a greater way than they have before. Memorable life experiences are what counts and we are just glad that NYA-EVO can play a small part this movement by being one important tool to help people get out there, explore, and reconnect.


There is a lot about yourself that you will never know unless you go looking for it. Our hope is to design bags that help people get out, go further and find their peace and connection with themselves through nature. 


Video from the Norway:




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